Fire Fighting

Fire Fighting

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Fire Fighting

Why should you have a fire protection system in your facility, whether it is a house, factory, company, etc
Because it :
1) is reducing The Risk Of Death.
2) Increase The Value Of Your Property.
3) Reducing The Risk Of Damage To Your Property.
and The most obvious advantage of having a fire protection system is that it gives you peace of mind. Not only does it provide early warning in the event of a fire, but it also allows you to take appropriate action before it’s too late.
At wem company we offer you the best fire protection system with the best price and quality.

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Infrastructure: By using structured cabling with high performance components that can offer long-term durability and sustainability for the mission of delivering critical information across the most demanding networks. WEM also provides comprehensive structured Cabling solutions by utilizing the best global products that are designed to secure your database on network. Maintenance Contract We cordialy inform you that we have the nessary qualifications, experience and abilities to provide services that are needed by the client's business related to the computer repaires and IT servers through our experienceed team Installation By choosing the best connectors & gears & equipment's, our expert can easily install devices with applications and provide good after sales service with maintainance when necessary and constantly monitor with the latest technology trends.

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The Egyptian Ceneter for Intelligent Home Experience (WEM) embodies the cooperation of creative designers. Inspiration and Engineers with precise programming and together they offer a complete lifestyle, so that every product and region reflects the beauty of a smart life. We have become easy to connect to the intelligent system after all devices installation.

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1. Our tracking system allow you to locate your personal / family / work cars., during direct movement Live address, data, clock and speed on your mobile or from the internet with an easy way. 2. We provide the possiblity for stopping your car engine or disconnecting gasoline or force emergency stop by disconnecting car electric circuit from anywhere in the world and can be connected again with only SMS control from you, & enables you to hear what is going on inside the car. 3. Emergency Botton in the vehicle in the event of attack sending a SMS to 3 people you specify. 4. The tracking device gives an alert if the vehicle exceeds a certain geographical area. 5. The car tracking system in Egypt is equipped with an internal battery that works in the case of disconnecting the car battery for 24 hours. 6. Give a message on your phone in case of danger.

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WEM can design fire fighting systems to protect your home / work / warehouse, our team manage & operates your system & property., Whatever your business discipline, Wherever you are at work, or home. Our Fire protection components include smoke, attacks, break throw. Detectors and fire Extinguishing systems, whether in water, foam or gas, whether they are conventional or designated systems and their networks control. We can obtain the approval of civil protection and training for your team on the control panel and how to deal with emergency.

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CCTV systems. - IP Surveillance Cameras. - High Quality Surveillance Cameras. - Night Surveillance Cameras which operate in the night & dark places. - Connect all cables and wires for all distances. - Installation of wireless cameras. - All cameras are operated remotely through the internet from any place to any place. - All Cameras are capablhey are conve of monitoring by mobile, tablet, laptop or computer safely with number of users required. - All cameras operate with the possibility of direct observation or continous of scheduled recording.

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